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About the Limba, West-Central language

Limba, West-Central, also known as Yimba, Yumba is a language of Sierra Leone with over 442,000 users in the Northern province: east Bombali and northeast Kambia districts, Little Scarcies river area; north of Makeni.

Dialects include; Western Limba (Sela, Tonko), Central Limba (Gbongogbo, Tamiso).

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Our Mandate
To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging the people to use the Scriptures in their day-to-day lives.
Our Vision
Taking opportunities to resource the churches so that lives of people in Sierra Leone can be changed through Scriptures.
Our Mission
To provide the Holy Scriptures to every man, woman and child in a language each can understand, in a format each can readily use, at an affordable price;
and to help them interact with the word of God.
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- Philippians 4:6,7

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